Curriculum Vitae

(Fall 2018-Present)

Research Prior to My Current Research

Research with Dr. Govind Menon, Brown University

Summer 2023

I proved results related to the developing geometric theory behind deep learning.

Research Assistant in the Stanford Severe Climate and Weather Group

Dr. Morgan O'Neill

Summer 2021 - 2023 

I studied the outflow interactions between Hurricane Laura and Hurricane Marco (2020) as a case study on the interactions between binary (spatially proximate) tropical cyclones in general. I developed a novel algorithm to identify principal outflow jets and create a three-dimensional representation of them. I presented on this work at the AMS Tropical conference in May, 2022. A paper on this work is currently in process.

Honors Thesis in Mathematics: The Penrose Singularity Theorem

Advised by Dr. Jonathan Luk

Academic Year of 2021-2022

I completed an honors thesis which had the primary goal of explicating Sir Roger Penrose's 1965 paper "Gravitational Collapse and Space-Time Singularities," found here: My honors thesis was on the Penrose and Hawking singularity theorems of general relativity, which establish that geodesic incompleteness occurs generically in physically reasonable spacetime (i.e. without symmetry assumptions). 

My thesis covered necessary general relativity topics such as Lorentzian causality and tensors, an explanation of Penrose's proof and expansion of rigor (since it is only a couple pages long), and further theorems by Hawking and Penrose. 

Directed Reading Program in the Mathematics Department on Sum of Squares Optimization 

Spring 2020

Research Assistant in Dr. Irene Lo's Group

Spring 2020-Spring 2021

I assisted on the project of creating a new student-school assignment system for San Francisco Unified School District described here: My primary role was training a model to predict students' school preferences and likelihood of enrollment, respectively. 

Research Consultant for the Obama Reach Higher Initiative and Common Application 

Winter 2021-Summer 2021 

As a side project, I led a team of Stanford students on the project of using machine learning and other techniques to assess the equity and student fit of American universities, with the goal of making it easier for students to find universities that meet their needs and promoting universities' efforts to be more equitable.

Education and Fellowships

Graduate: Summary 

I entered the Ph.D. in August, 2022 and became a Ph.D. candidate in May, 2024. My graduate coursework includes: Complex Analysis (MATH 2250-2260), Dynamical Systems (APMA 2190/2200); Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (APMA 2550/2560/2470B); Theory of Probability (APMA 2630/2640); Pattern Theory; Asymptotic Methods; Theory of Partial Differential Equations (APMA 2370) 

Graduate: Fellowships

Undergraduate: Summary

Stanford University (Sept. 2018 - June 2022)

B.S. Honors in Mathematics, GPA: 3.85

Math Major Coursework 

(Antichronological and possibly not exhaustive) Honors Thesis (MATH 197); Modal Logic; Neural Networks; Atmospheric Circulation and Ocean Circulation; Statistical Inference (STATS 200), Discrete Probabilistic Methods (MATH 159); Lebesgue Integration and Fourier Analysis (MATH 172); Computability and Logic (PHIL 152); Topology (MATH 144); Number Theory (MATH 152); Metalogic (PHIL 151); Graduate Probability Theory (MATH 230A); Differential Geometry (MATH 143); Honors Real Analysis (MATH 171); Number Theory for Cryptography (MATH 110); Combinatorics (MATH 108); Partial Differential Equations (MATH 131P); Linear Algebra and Matrix Theory (MATH 113); Group Theory (MATH 120); Ordinary Differential Equations (MATH 53); MATH 62CM: Modern Continuous Methods II (multilinear algebra, integration of differential forms, Stoke's theorem, manifolds); MATH 61CM: Modern Continuous Methods I (real analysis and proof-based linear algebra)

Academic Accomplishments

Levinthal Tutorial in Creative Nonfiction: Was selected to participate in this program in winter 2021, where I completed a work of creative nonfiction under the mentorship of poet Paul Tran. 

Departmental Honors

Other Experience

Teaching Experience 

Coding Experience